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Each year, thousands of   children suffer burn-related accidents from one of the greatest hazards of   childhood.

In the 1960s, recognizing   the lack of medical expertise in the burn care field, the Shrine of North   America opened three Shriners Hospitals with the three-fold purpose of treating   severely burned children; conducting research and improving methods of burn   treatment; and training and educating medical personnel in the care and   treatment of burn injuries. In 1997, a new Shriners Hospital opened in   Sacramento, Calif., providing burn treatment in addition to orthopedic and   spinal cord injury care.

Today, Shriners Hospitals   remain pioneers in burn treatment and provide excellent medical care to severely   burned children. These institutes are actively involved in research, and many of   the advances in burn care have been the result of Shrine investigations. Since   the Shriners Hospitals specializing in burn care first opened, the survival rate   for children with burns over 50 percent of their total body surface area has   doubled. Today, these specialized hospitals are saving the lives of children   with burns over more than 90 percent of body surface area.

This impressive survival   rate has been achieved through today’s improved surgical procedures, medical   technology and the coordinated efforts of many hospital staff   members.

The Shriners Hospitals in   Boston, Cincinnati, Galveston and Sacramento are staffed and equipped to treat   children with acute, fresh burns; children needing plastic reconstructive or   restorative surgery as a result of healed burns; children with severe scarring,   resulting in contractures or interference with proper movement of the limbs; and   patients with scarring and deformity of the face.

In addition to offering a   wide range of specialized medical and rehabilitation services, Shriners   Hospitals use a family-centered treatment approach that provides multiple   benefits for the patients. This philosophy stresses that while medicine might   heal the child’s body, tending to the child’s sense of well-being is equally   important to his recovery.

The treatment of burn   injuries has advanced so dramatically in the past three decades that the   Shriners Hospitals are now routinely saving the lives of patients who, in the   past, almost certainly would have died. However, now that their medical needs   can be met, these burn injury survivors face another challenge: that of   returning to normal life in a society that places tremendous emphasis on   physical appearance.

The burn care   professionals at Shriners Hospitals have turned their attention to helping these   patients function more normally in society. Some of the special programs that   have been developed to address this need are the Reentry Program, Make-up   Clinics, and Camp Ability.


Emergency admissions

The sooner a burned child   reaches a Shriners Hospital that specializes in burn treatment, the better his   chances of recovery. IN AN EMERGENCY, the referring physician treating a burned   child should telephone the chief of staff at the Shriners Hospital in Boston,   Cincinnati, Galveston or Sacramento and indicate that he has a patient needing   emergency medical care.

The telephone numbers for   emergency admissions to the burn Shriners hospitals are:

Boston:   617-722-3000
Cincinnati: 513-872-6000
Galveston:   409-770-6600
Sacramento: 916-453-2111

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